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We are CARECITY, a professional group founded by Dr. Jacky Cervantes during the pandemic in 2020.  Having been hit hard by the pandemic, losing job and therapy contracts.  Dr.  Jacky spearheaded this mission to provide the care you deserve culture. Faced with various challenges during this time, his passion for care led him to gather colleagues on this mission.


Individual differences in preferred methods of rehabilitation treatment posed early disagreements, but the same CARECITY factor, to give the patient the care they deserve, allowed the group to pursue the mission to provide quality individualized treatment for our patients. 

Today, we at CARECITY continue to fulfill and pursue this mission.  Delivered by the growing number of physical therapists exercising multi-disciplinary and multi-modality approach through collaboration with specialized healthcare professionals, eagerness for continuing education & application of evidence-based practices.

Our goal is to create more meaningful experiences for patients to receive the care they deserve in their neighborhoods. Achieved through our constant group effort to do away with the "just get it done" attitude running rampant in today’s healthcare practices and having the right initiative and attitude in doing what’s right for the patient.

We deliver the care you deserve in the communities of Yonkers, Castle Hill, Allerton, Scarsdale & Bayside through our therapy clinic locations in Westchester, Bronx, and Queens Counties of the state of New York. 


As we pursue our vision we look forward to serve more people, friends and families in the state of Connecticut in the near future. Smiling faces in the team and our patients, helps us positively motivate our group to fulfill our mission.

Our Passion for care as certified professionals in providing physical therapy to help people rebuild the strength of weakened muscle groups, increase movement of the restricted & stiffened joints, correct postural abnormalities, decrease & manage pain. 


We place high importance to facilitate the timely return to previous activities, as well as, to eventually be able to improve the  current state of function  into a new optimal level.  This is then used as a new realistic goal based on factors involving anatomical, physiological, functional & kinesiological relationships determined during our re-assessments.  Combined with the caring thought and effort of our CARECITY physical therapists to motivate, inform, inspire and compassionately care about every individual patient we meet to get The Care You Deserve. 

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